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Seniors Boost Economy by Selling Life Insurance Amid Challenges

In an unexpected turn of events, seniors aged 75 and above have unearthed a unique financial avenue to navigate their golden years through life settlements. Wm. Scott Page, CEO of WeBuy75, notes, “This innovative approach is gaining traction as the Federal Reserve grapples with challenges related to consumer spending, and it offers a promising alternative for seniors burdened by life insurance premiums.

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The Age of Augmentation and Cyber-Physical Fusion

Today’s tech news cycle is inundated with speculations about both the potential and the consequences of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). Reports on this new technology center around its ability to answer questions in a near-humanistic form and do things that were once the sole purview of people. Generative AI can code computer languages, solve math problems, write essays and poetry, and replicate and produce new art in ways that incite fear about the value of human beings in productive a

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How Online Tutoring Helps Students Close the Learning Loss Gap - LA Wire

Given the past few years’ worth of upheavals, it’s no surprise to see a decline in K-12 students’ academic scores. To address it, the Biden Administration launched the National Partnership for Student Success in 2022 to provide students with 250,000 more tutors, mentors, and/or coordinators over the span of three years. These efforts have helped tremendously, but unfortunately, some experts say, the program doesn’t necessarily help students who are already struggling. Thirty-four percent of four

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Game-changing Platform For Entrepreneurs, A Startup Launchpad Focused on Mental Health

It’s no secret that being an entrepreneur has its difficulties. While a wealth of resources exist to simplify the journey, finding the right ones is a task in itself, often devolving into unproductive scrolling through social media and Youtube without any tangible outcome. Entrepreneurs face a multitude of challenges, including the responsibility of sustaining employees’ livelihoods, as the brand’s failure could result in job losses. Finances add significant stress, as the average startup requir

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On The Optimized Mind Podcast, Dr. Kien Vuu Discusses His Bestselling Book, Thrive State - LA Wire

Dr. Kate Lund sat down with Dr. Kien Vuu for an episode of The Optimized Mind Podcast to discuss the second edition of Dr. Vuu’s bestselling book, Thrive State – Your Blueprint for Optimal Health and Peak Performance. In the book, Dr. Vuu explores the concept of communication through motor neurons, detailing how the human mind and body can exchange information through energy fields. The book also investigates the positive impact of being in a “thrive state,” including its capacity to heal chroni

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The Power of Human and AI Complementarity: H/AI C(x)

The world is witnessing the pervasive integration of artificial intelligence, or AI, into a wide range of industries. We have reached a transformative stage where AI can soon become a symbiotic partner with humans—a stage reached partly because of our comprehension of the intricacies of human decision-making processes. In its current state, AI is emerging as a collaborative force, complementing human intellect in problem-solving, decision-making, and value generation.

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Dallas Inc.: Taking Startups From Idea to Launch in 30 Days

Dallas Inc. has a singular mission: to help businesses launch ideas quickly and successfully. Founder and CEO Charlie Lass says his company applies several decades’ worth of hard-earned wisdom to help business leaders avoid entrepreneurial missteps as they bring their ideas to life. The MIT alum, Capital Factory mentor and lecturer, provides tailored insights necessary for businesses to thrive, and his team’s key value proposition, he says, is speed.

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AXES Partners with UNLV, Bringing Evergreen Data Analysis to the Forefront of Responsible Gaming

In November 2022, AXES, a Cloud Information Management Platform, announced a $150,000 donation to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). This contribution will further research in artificial intelligence applications for responsible gaming. , stated, “Since the inception of the company, our dream was to find a university that was AI focused, gaming focused, and really took to heart what we believe. And what we believe is: the day that there’s no money laundering and the day that there are

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What Foods Slow Down the Aging Process? | Stay Healthier Longer | EXO Protein

Most of us strive to eat a healthy diet, while still enjoying our meals. It’s well known that balance is key when choosing what we put into our bodies. Vegetables, fruits, protein, and grain are the delivery system for building materials used to form our cells from the inside out. When searching for anti-aging foods, you will find that all of them fall into the whole food category. These foods are anti-aging in nature because they’re packed with antioxidants, B12, vitamin C and Iron

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